The Green Arrow train

Perhaps the most interesting sight is the “Green Arrow”, a train well rooted in history that used to be very famous, up until its undeserved retirement. It was the train of the vineyard people. It was a cornucopia for the city of Arad. And more than that, it was the first electric train on narrow line in Europe. The “Green Arrow” stayed on some routes until 1991, when the electric train was given up on. Part of the line was decommissioned. The only operating section that remains is Arad – Vladimirescu – Mandruloc – Cicir – Sambateni – Ghioroc. Nowadays, in Ghioroc’s former depots, there is a true exhibition of cars and railroad machinery that rusts away and cries with mute pain because no one cares and because there are no funds for refurbishing them.