The Sequoia trees from Pîncota-Măderat

There are few places in the county and in the country  that can pride themselves with trees that have not yet been slaughtered in the name of the lumber industry. Măderat has such a tree (belonging to Pâncota city), its full name being Sequoiadendron giganteum. It comes from North America and was brought to us by Baron DIETRICH JOZEF, ruler of Pâncota and its surroundings from 1820 to 1855.

The Baron has accomplished many things in these lands. Firstly, he systematized the town by creating straight and large streets. He drained the swamps that still existed in those days around Pâncota, using burned clay tubes that were buried 70-80 cm deep which diverted water to the valley. Such tubes can be found in some of the citizens’ homes, but also out on the field. Baron Dietrich also founded the modern viticulture area. Around 1840 he made a small trip to America and returned with three peculiar trees.

At its original home, the tree can reach the following dimensions:

– 2000 years old

– 90-100 meters high

– a thickness of 10-12 meters above ground level

Those two trees that we have in the Măderatului vineyards measure:

– 160 years of age

– Height of 30-35 meters

– 1.2 m thickness above ground

So we still have to wait, in order to be convinced by their American measurements. Though there were three trees brought by the Baron, unfortunately, one has dried several years ago (for reasons unknown). It can still be seen between the two that you can see in the photos.

Location: Măderat vineyard

Additional Information: Sequoia in Romania

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