Wine Festival in the Arad Vineyard

Throughout September, the people of Arad County can enjoy the “Wine Festival in the Miniș-Măderat Vineyard”. Adrian Țolea, interim president of the Arad County Council, said that the event reached its seventh edition, and will take place from the 6th up until the 20th of September, already being a tradition in Păuliș, Ghioroc, Covăsînț, Șiria and Pâncota.

In recent years, The Wine Festival in the Miniș-Măderat Vineyard has been marked by cultural events, wine tastings and traditional products exhibits, along with folk performances given by dance bands and soloists in Arad, each location having an exceptional guest at the festival. The organizers’ goal is the revival of the “Wine Route” as a tourist attraction in Arad County, but also as a way of harnessing its agricultural, cultural, social, technical and economic potential.

“It is an important event for the communities throughout the vineyard, linking the administrative aspect and the traditional one. We, by what we do now, plan to revive Arad Vineyard, investing money both from the county budget and European funds. However, we want the Wine Festival to attract a large number of tourists in the area, by organizing shows as well as sightseeing ” said Adrian Țolea, interim president of the Arad County Council, says.

Co-organizers, along with the Arad County Council and Arad County’s Cultural Center, will also be Pâncota, Șiria, Covăsînț, Ghioroc and Păuliș.

The Miniș-Măderat Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in Romania, numerous archaeological and historical evidence attesting that the vineyard has an important place in the lives of people in the area. Arad County has a long history of cultivating vine, as Arad Vineyard is documented ever since the ninth century. “We are on track in terms of implementing viticulture and wine-making conversion programs, the start of this program supported with funds from the European Union. Thus far, more than 1,800 ha of young vines have been planted here,” president Țolea said.

Wine Day Program (2015)

Paulis, September 6th, 16.00 – Communal Stadium

Syria, September 13th, 16.00 – “Ioan Slavici” Summer Theatre

Ghioroc, September 13th, 16:00 – Communal Stadium

Pancota, September 18th, 17:00 – Central Park

Covasint, September 20th, 17:00 – Orthodox camp

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