Ioan Slavici and Emil Montia Memorial museum from Șiria

This museum is located in Șiria, on Infantry Street, and belongs to the Museum Complex of Arad. It is hosted by a castle built in the neoclassical style, an architectural and historical monument which belonged to the noble family Bohuș. It includes a permanent exhibition dedicated to writer Ioan Slavici, who lived from 1848 until 1925 and was born in Șiria, and composer Emil Montia, who lived from 1887 until 1965. The latter was born in Şicula but spent most of his life in Șiria. The exhibition dedicated to Slavici holds exhibits such as a photocopy of his birth certificate, a note with his handwriting from the age of 10, photocopies of school documents, diplomas received upon graduating from high school in Arad and Timișoara, photos from the time he studied in Vienna, and others. Of particular value is the existence of part of the writer’s workroom from 1880-1883, when he was in Bucharest, hosting Mihai Eminescu. The exhibition dedicated to Emil Montia contains furniture from his workroom, the composer’s piano and cello, as well as folklore collections and various editions of his main papers: “Girl from Cozia monastery”, “The Earring”, “The Heir”, “At the draw well” and others. In the castle’s park one can see the busts of Ioan Slavici, Mihai Eminescu, Ioan Russu Sirianu, Nicolae Ştefu, Emil Montia and Antonia Bohus’s statue.