The Old Inn

Pâncota’s old inn is located on Tudor Vladimirescu Street no. 69, about 37 km from Arad.

It was built in the late eighteenth century by order of Queen Maria Theresa. It functioned as a prison, then post chaise station, inn and post office.

The building initially fulfilled two functions: part of it, including the basement, was destined to be a prison, hence the local name of “Zarand prison”. The rest of the rooms were intended for tax administration, tithes congregating here.

The Old Post Inn from Pâncota is one of the most important landmarks in Crișana. The building is a historical monument under the LMI code: Ar-II-MB-00640.

In 2013 the building was fully restored and became the seat of Pâncota City Hall.

Restoration work aimed at strengthening the entire building, rebuilding the roof and the floors upstairs. On this occasion, an underground tunnel was revealed, reinforced with burnt brick, which connects the prison under current Tudor Vladimirescu street and buildings across the street, where it seems that the officials responsible for managing and guarding the prison once lived.

The 92 rooms have housed, until recently, a few sections of handicraft cooperatives’ production, warehouses, wine cellars.

Location: Tudor Vladimirescu str.,  no. 69, Pîncota city, Arad county.

Additional Information: Website: , Telefon: 0257.466.679

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