Dietrich Schulkowsky Castle

Dietrich Schulkowsky Castle is a historical monument in the city of Pâncota, Arad county. The castle is a historical monument, under the LMI code: AR-II-mA-00639.

 The castle was completed in 1840 and became a representative baroque building in Arad. Baron Dietrich was a lover of the arts, a fact testified by the presence of personalities such as Franz Liszt and Jokai Mor at the castle. After the baron’s death , the castle became property of his son in law, Polish prince Jozsef Schulkowsky. From this moment on, the decay of the estate begins.

With the death of his first wife, the Baron remarried an actress from Budapest which was famous for her spendthrift lifestyle. Because of this, he was forced to sell properties one by one, and eventually Pâncota castle as well. It landed in the hands of Hebrew merchants who owned it through an anonymous company. After the Second World War, the castle was nationalized and has had various purposes, nowadays housing the City Hall.

 It has the shape of a U, with three wings. The main facade is richly decorated and has a roof made with scale shaped tiles. Inside, the rooms are spacious and the dining room has an artistic value due to wrought iron doors and grilles on windows.

Location: Tudor Vladimirescu Str. , No. 106D, Pâncota city, Arad county.