Memorial house of Ioan Burza

On the 20th of November 1918, The Romanian Grand National Assembly convened for December 1st in Alba Iulia. From Zarand district, there were over 300 delegates elected. Șiria was represented by four officially elected delegates, one of which was from Pâncota: Ioan Burza,  55 years old. In Credentials, the 4 delegates are authorized to take part in the decisive vote at the Romanian Grand National Assembly.

Ioan Burza was a man well known in the village. A quite wealthy peasant, he remained in the memory of the elders as a man driven by a strong sense of justice. It is said that he was an educated person. He participated, in the summer of 1906, at one of the largest national unity manifestations organized in Romania by the early twentieth century, the Jubilee exhibition in Bucharest. In 1925, he was awarded the Order of the Crown of Romania, by King Ferdinand I. It read: “To Burza Ioan, Romanian economist from Pâncota, for participating in the Union Act of Alba Iulia on December 1st, 1918″.

The former home of Ioan Burza is currently inhabited by one of his granddaughters, Viorica Hada. She recalls that among the friends who used to visit him quite often there was Stefan Cicio Pop.

On the 1st of December 1994, as a tribute to the man that used to be Ioan Burza, the City Council decided to name a street after him, street that until then was called Meadow Street