Maria Radna Papal Church

St. Mary of Radna Monastery is the main place of pilgrimage of the Diocese of Timisoara. The Diocese of Timisoara is one of the six Roman Catholic dioceses in Romania. The Diocese’s Cathedral is the Cathedral of Timisoara, dedicated to Saint George.

“Maria Radna” Monastery is located in Lipova, Arad County. In 1992 Pope John Paul II conferred the monastery the title of Basilica Minor.

The monastery and pilgrimage church Maria Radna lays on the banks of Mures River, in western Romania. As centuries have passed, centuries marked by oppression by rulers of different faiths, by the development following the colonization of Banat, and by resistance against communism, millions of pilgrims have been drawn to this place of grace.

Maria Radna has meant, especially to Danubian Swabians, a place of silence, guidance, renewal of strength and consolation. At the same time, this pilgrimage was held and attended by Romanian Orthodox believers as well as Greek Catholics, with their Byzantine liturgies, and people from far off lands, even Transylvania.

In August 2015, after renovation and restoration executed with the help of EU  and government funds,  during the main pilgrimage days, in the presence of 15,000 pilgrims, a Mass was celebrated in seven languages, to prove again that Maria Radna is part of our history, that it is the heart of our diocese.

Location: Avram Iancu street No. 1, Radna city, Arad county

Program: Mon-Sun:  9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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