Asbóth Oszkár

Asbóth Oszkár ( 1891-1960 )

Asbóth Oszkár was born in Pâncota on the 31st of March 1891. His father, chief forester of the Pâncota area, moved to Arad with his family. Thus, Oszkár studied at the Normal School of Arad, nowadays Moise Nicoară highschool. His grades are quite average. At the age of 18, he built a peculiar kite, raised in the air with the aid of a motorcycle. Other flying machines followed, machines that drew the attention of Austrian and German specialists. During World War I, he worked at Fischamend Airplane factory in Austria, where he got specialized in making propellers. After the end of the war, he starts working on building a helicopter, along with Petroczy Istvan, Tódor Kalman and Vurovetz Vilmos. They were the first to replace the earth-bound engine, that worked on electricity, with an internal combustion engine that had independence in its movement. Success was finally declared in 1928, when Asboth suggested that they use a 9 cylinder and 120 HP engine, and a propeller that had 4,35m in diameter. By doing so, on the 9th of September 1928, the helicopter reached 30m above ground and was piloted by a human being. The first flying machine was named AH-1 (Asbóth Helikopter-1).